I am a Nepal based Software Engineer / Electronics Engineer. I am a writer, I love writing in Ruby. I sometimes write in English as well, see my blogs. I am proficient in Ruby, Rails, ES6 and good in C.

I have altogether 10 years of Programming experience and 3 years of Web development using Ruby & Rails. I have managed teams, trained Engineers and love Teaching and Mentoring.

My Attributes

helpful  hardworking  tdd  active  design conscious  team player  leader  listener 


Ruby  Rails  TDD  Agile  Scrum  JavaScript ES6  ReactJs  DevOps  Linux/Unix  C Lang  Jekyll  Liquid  RSpec  TestUnit  OOD  Design Patterns  SOLID Principles 

Things I love the most

Coding  Ruby  Rails  C  Teaching  Mentoring  Sci-Fi  Physics  Human Anatomy 

Me in detail

Childhood days

I was so much fascinated by computer that I even skipped school making fake excuses. I played with computer whole days, without having idea that its evening already. I did not like playing video games much rather developed interest to build one. I learned Adobe Flash or Macromedia Flash back then. I developed a shooting game called T-Killer when I was at grade 8 (around year 2000). I used to read example-applications in VB6.0, tweak them a little bit and build something else.

High School

At high school I built a software to control the malwares spreading like wildfire via USB sticks. I am the Author of NavyAntivirus [USB Security System]. Its been downloaded 100k times including all top download site. However, I stopped maintaining the project long ago.

Engineering College

In first year of my college I secured second position in LOCUS-Software Competition. I built a 8085 microprocessor simulator software in C#. It was not awesome in terms of performance but it was okay. Anybody could learn to use opcode to make machine work.

I built a wireless controlled Robotic Arm with collaborations with my colleagues in final year of college.

Open Source and Community service

I build softwares for living. I have used tremendous amount of OpenSource/free libraries to do my job. I feel that Its my responsibility to give Community back. So, I started helping engineers world-wide via StackOverflow, Facebook groups and Github issues. I have build and shared gems under MIT license.

My most significant contributions to OpenSource are:

I blog via multiple platforms

Weblog: https://cbabhusal.wordpress.com